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feasible reality, or utopia?

Tuesday, September 30th 14.30 - INEA, Via Nomentana 41, Rome

The new CAP focuses on the sustainable management of natural resources and on the fight against the climate change, two important challenges to be harmonized with the competitiveness of the agricultural sector, the search for a better food quality, and safety in the energy sector.

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Social farming and new welfare for the rural development

The  13th September 2014 in Penne, WWF has hosted a workshop organized by the National Rural Network, entitled: " Social farming and new welfare for the rural development".   The social farming is thought to be one of the most innovative tool able to harmonize the needs for a...

Convention "Water & Environment: Irrigation which generates Landscape"

On the 11th September in Padua, INEA has attended the Convention "Water & Environment: Irrigation which generates Landscape" organized by ANBI in collaboration with "Unione Veneto Bonifiche" on the occasion of the famous fair "FLORMART" concerning  flowers and plants. The Convention...

Seminars on rural tutorial. A training program and orientation dedicated to forty high school graduates of agricultural institutes adhering to RENISA

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry informs that from Sunday, September 7, 2014 will begin, as part of the National Rural Network, a pilot testing "Seminari di tutoraggio rurale" (Seminars on rural tutorial) a training program and orientation dedicated to forty high school graduates...

Conference on "National Law Social Agriculture between future prospects and new opportunities"

On 18 July at the headquarters of INEA, Nomentana Street 41, Rome, was held a seminar on "National Law Social Agriculture between future prospects and new opportunities", organized by the National Forum of Social farming ( go to the  forum ). The meeting is an opportunity to...

Active farmers in the new Common Agricultural Policy

They are available online materials of the Seminar "active farmers in the new Common Agricultural Policy" held in Ancona, July 16, 2014, at the Marche Region, the second meeting of the seminar series "The new CAP and Italian agriculture. Discuss all'INEA "agricultural Policy of the EU organized by the Observatory on INEA.


L'agricoltura nella Campania in cifre 2013

"Agriculture in Campania in figures 2013" , aims to provide a general framework of the regional agricultural system,  by analyzing data of the primary sector, the agro-industrial supply chain, the marketing and the multi-functionality. In synergy with the booklet "Italian agriculture...

L'agricoltura nella Sicilia in cifre 2013

The booklet provides a general framework about the situation of the agriculture in Sicily, thus spreading news, data and processing arising from different sources.  It represents an educational tool, easy to read and understand, and it is addressed to all those who approach the rural and...

AGRItrend I Trimestre 2014

These are the data about the trading of the agro-food products during the first quarter of 2014.  Unlike what has been noticed during 2013, the year 2014 has experienced a worsening of more than 100 million euros in the agricultural balance, which has increased from -1,567 million euros...

Analisi territoriale delle criticità: strumenti e metodi per l'integrazione delle politiche per le risorse idriche Volume II - Applicazione nel Centro Italia e nelle isole

It is now available the INEA report "Territorial Analysis of water issues: tools and methods for the integration of agricultural policies for water resources - Application in Central Italy and Islands." The report is a second volume realized by the research project "Monitoring and...

Analisi della domanda di strumenti di gestione del rischio climatico in agricoltura in Italia

It is now available the report "Analysis of demand for climatic risk management tools in agriculture in Italy" within the INEA project  "Research and technical support on natural disasters, climatic and phytosanitary risks in agriculture and related policies". The report analyzes...


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