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Agro-food trade balance  

Rome, April 7th 2014 In the fourth quarter of 2013, compared to the same period last year, an increase of 2.1% in the agri-food exports and 0.4% the agro-food imports with consequences in terms of improvement of the agro-food deficit. Increase the imports from almost every major seller, and in particular from Spain for the acquisition of virgin and extra virgin olive oil, the main import product of Italy from this area. For exports, increase close to 30% of the flows to Russia, mainly related to products Made in Italy as "confectionery products cocoa-based," Asti Spumante (PDO) and pasta.


Firmato protocollo d'intesa fra INEA e WWF Oasi

Agricoltura sociale e civica, multifunzionalità, tutela del territorio, valorizzazione delle produzioni, salvaguardia della biodiversità sono al centro del protocollo d'intesa siglato oggi fra l'INEA e WWF Oasi, rispettivamente nelle persone di Giovanni Cannata, Commissario Straordinario INEA, e...

Workshop for the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Val d'Agri - Meeting with local businesses

On April 16, 2014 at 14.00, will be held at Villa d'Agri (PZ) at the hall Pietro D'Arago - (Former home of the Mountain Community Alto Agri ) , Via Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina, 14, the first meeting with local businesses planned in the context of the workshop on CSR in the Val...

Final Workshop: from Land to Web – Gaia Project – Sicily for the future agriculture farms network

On April 16, 2014 at 17:30, will be held in Castelvetrano (TP) at the conference room of the local SOAT in Bonsignore Street, n. 14, the closing workshop of the " Gaia Project -Sicily innovative tool for the economic viability of the wine industry " during which are presented the results of the...


il 9 Aprile, su invito del Presidente della Commissione agricoltura e produzione alimentare del Senato,  il Prof. Giovanni Cannata  è stato chiamato a relazionare in merito a Disposizioni in materia di semplificazione, razionalizzazione e competitività agricole del settore...

Good Practice Workshop - "National Rural Networks: how to show their benefits"

On 10 and 11 April, INEA has hosted the workshop "National Rural Networks: how to show Their benefits" of the European Network of Evaluation. The event aimed to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge among experts in the evaluation of networks and the identification of challenges,...


La responsabilità sociale nelle aziende agricole della provincia di Cuneo

It is available on-line the publication entitled: "LA RESPONSABILITA' SOCIALE NELLE AZIENDE AGRICOLE DELLA PROVINCIA DI CUNEO", elaborated within the project Action printing and dissemination of the results of "social responsibility for companies in the food system."

AGRItrend IV Trimestre 2013

Updated the Agritrend chapters related to food trade balance and the demography of enterprises for the fourth quarter of 2013. Grow by 2.1% agro-food exports and imports by 0.4%, with consequences in terms of improvement of the agro-food deficit, which rose from 1.418 billion euro (IV quarter...

INEA Bruxelles - Newsletter dall'Europa - Numero 3-2014

Online the third newsletter of INEA from Brussels. The publication provides information on delegated acts on the reform of the common agricultural policy, trade talks between the EU and the U.S., on the situation of the index of food prices and the measures that has to be taken against illegal...

La terra in cammino n. 3 - 2014

Is available issue # 3 of the INEA's monthly newsletter - The earth on the way - , a regular appointment with useful and updated informations on the main activities of the Institute. This number, after presenting some tools used in accounting the issue of GMOs in...

Agrifisco n.1/2014

Is now online the number 1/2014 of "Agrifisco", the quarterly INEA publication on government spending and taxation in agriculture. For the first issue of 2014 Quarterly Bulletin "Agrifisco" the topic chosen is the Contract Network, a legal instrument introduced by law in 2009, allowing the...


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