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In 2011 the European Community defined Corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the "responsibility of enterprises for their impacts on society". This is the result of a growing awareness in business on several issues, with particular reference to environmental protection, safety in the workplace, transparency towards consumers and, above all, the recognition of local communities as a place lived by ecosystems and people, each of them carrying specific interests, needs and ambitions.

On one hand, rural areas have a great opportunity, as they can rely on their own networks, environmental and productive resources, as well as social capital to diversify and multiply responsible behaviors within the whole territory.

Upon the other hand, institutions play a pivotal role in meeting the demands from different stakeholders. Local, regional and national governments, in fact, can work to foster good governance aimed at the development of the community and the enhancement of its local specificities.

In order to trigger the process of social responsibility in the agri-food system, INEA has identified tools and paths based on 4 macro-areas.

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Workshop for the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Val d'Agri - Meeting with local businesses

On April 16, 2014 at 14.00, will be held at Villa d'Agri (PZ) at the hall Pietro D'Arago - (Former home of the Mountain Community Alto Agri ) , Via Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina,...

Social responsability in the food system. Naples, 4 april 2014

Social responsibility is increasingly an opportunity for development and a competitive factor for all those who work and interact with their local community and are committed to integrate the...

Social Responsibility and Spaces Regeneration: What Education for People Involvement? Matera, 1 aprile 2014

Il seminario è organizzato presso l'università degli studi della  Basilicata nell'ambito del progetto europeo di ricerca "PERSPECTIVE - PEople for Regenerated SPaces Environmental Culture...

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